Wednesday, December 8, 2010

subaru wrx sti - good. automatic - fail.

so i was invited to a bmw dealership open night last year... i was talking to a salesman and just happened to ask if he had any e46 M3s with manual shift available, as I was thinking of trading in my gtr. his response? "no-one wants a manual, it's the SMG you want, trust me!"

erm... mistake number one... specifically, I wanted a manual transmission M3. don't really care if the SMG is quicker, or holds its value better, I wanted a traditional stick shift and three pedals to dance on. anyway, long story short, most BMW salesmen/women are pricks, so don't buy one.

and just a reminder of how manufacturers can sometimes get is terribly wrong, the new wrx sti sedan in australia is available as an automatic. nice way to shake off that whole annoying "hero car", aspiring rally/street driver appeal. the sti stands for (or used to represent) the top of the tree subaru performance - and now it's neutered with a slop-shifting auto and losing a whole lot of torque compared to the real sti with manual transmission.

don't buy either.

(read review here)


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