Monday, August 11, 2014

track car.... gone

so.... wrx track car is now sold (that escalated quickly)

let's wind back a bit.... after winton, I fitted a new aluminium radiator and slimline fans.

also ripped out the terrible brant alarm - these came standard on a lot of australian delivered wrxs, and they're crap. they spontaneously go off, or the solder joints go bad in the control unit, disabling your ecu or fuel pump (sometime when you're driving!), they don't disarm properly, the key unit goes bad - it's incredible how awful they are.

Removing brant alarm POS photo IMG_5144.jpg
Replaced it with a Mongoose alarm which is more reliable (well, after month anyway), as well as putting in a nice double DIN Sony head unit with some MB Quart speakers, Pioneer subwoofers, reverse camera etc. Fitted in a set of "defi" gauges, wired in boost and water temp with an adapter in to the top radiator hose after I flushed the coolant again. Haven't wired in the oil pressure gauge yet.

Then my wife was in an accident in my accord euro - written off. decided I wasn't going to have 4 cars at my house, with 4 sets of rego and insurance to pay off, so the wrx was going to go. sold the wrx after listing it for 3 days, and going to pick up a new car for the wife this afternoon.

of course, knowing what's going to happen, i'll pick up another track car soon - but it won't be a road registered track car! a friend of mine has recently given up racing porsches to do go-karting - a lot cheaper to buy and maintain than a car, cheaper track days, and in a way a lot more competitive. now I've got my cx5 it's the perfect tow vehicle for a gokart, so it's just a matter of researching and figuring out how to get started.