Monday, December 20, 2010

bb6 luv

was back in about '98 i bought a vti-r honda prelude - that's the 2.2l dohc vtec, 5 stud wheel pattern for australia. great car - nice interior design, good driving position and feel. i've always been a fan of hondas, but the prelude didn't feel like it had that much power - about 200ps from the h22a, roughly - the 200sx of the same era (s14 silvia, with rwd sr20det) felt like it had a lot more go. anyway mine was eucalyptus green (not my ideal colour but got it for a great price), kept it a few years, riced it like crazy to enter car shows (hey - this was a dozen years ago, big chrome wheels and full body vinyl graphics were in, man!) then sold it when i went overseas to work.

still, as the last of the preludes, they look great even a decade on - can't beat that design.


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