Monday, December 6, 2010

jdmtune 2.0

hey everyone

sorry for the website being down - issues with technology, right?

anyway, we've been thinking about moving to a more blog style website. not that there's too few jdm blogs already, right?

was driving around the other day, saw a typically 90's "modified" car (btw we're based in australia so our grammar and spelling is different (better? lol) than north american english, bear with us)

anyway, this car was yellow, bad-fitting evo bodykit, shiny chrome wheels and a big sticker advertising a transmission repair mechanic; nice ey?

then again times change, what's acceptable, cool and trendsetting today could be regarded as tacky and dated in 5, 10 years time.

whatever. do what you like, what makes you happy - long as you don't hurt anyone, all is good right?

props to for supporting our cause and sponsoring our website stickers, go git them here.


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