Friday, September 8, 2017

Thinking of buying ebay parts for your car? Just.... don't!

So while driving around the other day, I got another low oil pressure warning light. Figured it might be the same problem I had last time (where the oil pickup was damaged, being at the bottom of the oil pan) so I bought a cheap "Greddy/Freddy" ada Fake Greddy oil sump from a seller on eBay.

I should've known when I received it that it wasn't a great part. Lots of rough casting and loose bits inside the sump.
Anyway I'd already removed the original sump and changed the oil pickup for a brand new one with a new gasket, then tried to fit this piece of crap on.

Not exactly flush. Hey, it's only engine oil, right? So if it all leaks out because of crappy fitment, that's fine. 

Decided to send this piece of shit back to the seller, who then tried to weasel out of refunding the amount paid for it. Had to get eBay to step in to get a refund. 

Here's a hint - if (for some reason) you want to waste your money on an imitation part, that doesn't fit your car, that will cause your engine to grenade once all the oil leaks out of it, by all means buy a Freddy oil pan from T A S Autosport.