Friday, January 29, 2021

Nissan S15 200sx Silvia Blitz SE front mount intercooled installation

 So during Covid lockdown last Sept 2020, actually had some free time to install the Blitz SE intercooler kit for the S15.

Not a thorough step by step - but one thing I'll say is that Blitz kit is definitely worth the money. Came with every part, nut bolt washer required for the installation, even a new battery clamp!

To make installation easiest jack up the front or entire car. Remove front bumper. I removed headlights as I was going to polish them anyway.

The front mount does require a hole in the battery tray. If I had a totally unmolested S15, I'd probably get a different kit. However, this S15 has definitely had its share of mods in the past, and already had a pretty rough hole in the battery tray. I put a bit of split vacuum tubing in to reduce the risk of damage to the piping.

Test fitting the huge intercooler without the front bash bar. The bar also required some trimming to fit - again, luckily my one already had that done.

Return piping installed to throttle body. There's a connection to the return hose for the stock BOV.

Comparison to stock side mounted intercooler. only a little larger.

Went for a drive - all was great until I popped a hose. Yeah, you should probably recheck all the hose clamps before going off for a drive!

No noticeable increase in lag, and no overboosting - I'm using a Turbosmart boost T to control boost to about 14psi on stock turbo currently.