Friday, March 2, 2018

time for a new weekend car

Unfortunately the S15 hasn't been getting much love lately, been so busy at work I've let my CAMS and Nissan Car Club memberships lapse.

Still collecting parts everytime I see them pop up on the internet, so now I think I have 3 pairs of door trims in my shed, waiting for a time I can give them a good clean and select the best ones to use in my car. Have missed out on a few good turbos, so when the right one pops up I'll grab it straight away.

Anyway, like most boys I spend every night watching all the usual suspects for cars on sale - gumtree, ebay, facebook, grays, pickles, manheim fowles etc.

Picked up this 911 cabriolet a few weeks ago - have always wanted one!

like most old cars, needs a bit of work but nothing major. Some of the problems so far...

  • The alternator charges at 14V for the first half hour of driving, then reduces down to 12.5V, so I plan to change the alternator regulator and ground cables to the alternator and starter (a common problem to 996 and 997 porsches). 
  • The passenger seat reclining electric mechanism doesn't work well - so will need to pull the seat out, get to the electrics and see if there's any corrosion or missing gear teeth, fix and replace.
  • Maintenance - need to locate and clean every drain in the car, otherwise clogged drains lead to flooded electrics which is a nightmare to replace - prevention is better than the cure!
  • A full detail and seal of the paint, wheels, interior etc
And in the short time I've had, I've fallen in love with it... so I'm looking for another P car as a daily driver now,. Think I've found one, but will update if I grab it for the right price!