Sunday, March 29, 2015

parts parts parts

so the car hasn't even been transferred into my name yet - but there's always parts to buy.

the great thing about silvias is there's always someone who's crashed their one and are parting it out.

so why not buy... most of the interior, bootlid, dash, engine bay plastics, entire carpet?

plus we have to get rid of the terrible 19" chrome wheels that the car came on. let's go with stock wheels and bridgestone RE003s while we decide exactly which jdm wheels to put on. thank god for a big daily driver to cart around all this crap.

and since we're in the mood, some nismo s-tune suspension and a fujitsubo exhaust?

would be nice to actually register the car and start driving it one day. already joined up with the nissan/datsun owners club for entry into msca competition events - again, even though the car is still in pieces.

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